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It is important to emphasize that we, CFX World Team are not a company, but an independent team that do the best of its ability and performs due diligence on various platforms. The team consists of CFX members and independent investors (Mentors) who invest in several companies at home and abroad. 

This website is made for you who want to learn more about the opportunities in the forex market through CashFx’s professional school program. In our opinion, CashFx is a 100% legitimate and serious company with a long-term strategy in the Forex market. CashFx has developed its own AI robot that makes people in the industry “roll their eyes”, and gives ordinary small savers opportunities that were not possible before.

But this also leads to Skepticism from BOTH THE MEDIA AND FINANCIAL SUPERVISION and therefore always do your own due diligence!

NB! Everyone can trade their own money on any platform, and you decide for yourself whether they should be licensed or not. (The safest thing is of course that the broker have license for your own safety)

Welcome as a new World Team partner, and enjoy all our free services.

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